6 Degrees of Separation: Sew the Show (or Movie)

Welcome to this pit stop on the 6 Degrees of Separation tour. I have to admit, I was completely unfamiliar with the game this stems from and still am trying to wrap my head around it. This is the Sew the Show (or Movie) version of 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon where you have to link actors and actresses to Kevin Bacon by no more than 6 degrees. Confused yet? Yeah, me too. Who comes up with this nonsense anyways? Here is a fun website for you to play with to see how closely or loosely linked to Kevin Bacon they are. This is not a costume sewing challenge, but getting the chance to revisit old favorites (or discover new ones) and get inspired from the fashion and themes in the shows.

Now for my sew along spot…. which I am sewing alongside Jenn at Jennuine Design. Juliette Lewis is linked to her actress and this lead to my inspiration.

For my version, I saw the movie Jen was sewing for and I immediately had to link to that. It is one of my favorites. But who? I decide to go with the rival turned friend Juliette Lewis? You remember her? She is one of my favorite “Crazy” type cast actresses of the 90s. She is still going strong, but I had to take it back to a movie that she is known for and a classic: Natural Born Killers. Shocking choice Melissa. Who would have guessed you would pick a movie based on psychotic criminals? So it should come as no surprise that one of my other favorite movies is True Romance. Yes, let’s all discuss the warped mind of this woman you read the blog of. It’s ok. I just am a bit odd.

Originally, I was sewing for me. But time, money and life made that not happen so I got some use out of a pattern I had made already: Laela Jayne Little Birdy Flare pants, then I made a top inspired by a completely different outfit by modifying the Wanderer tunic from Striped Swallow. My daughter had no idea why I made the outfit. She just rocked the new top ha. She’s not quite ready for that.

My inspiration outfit:

Instead of going with the literal version, I was inspired by the colors and fabrics. So I used a sheer white sweater knit with this floral llama peachskin. I added more width to the skirted portion and I made the sleeves all one with long bell sleeves to reflect a bohemian 70s vibe. It felt very carefree and demure. The fuschia pants paired perfect as a pop of color to compliment the outfit. and you need a getaway car when you are a criminal so there is the trusting “convertible” coupe.

Open road, convertible and sweet innocent criminal.

Click the photo below to be taken to Climbing the Willow for the next stop on the tour.

Thanks for stopping by… and having fun linking all these movies & shows together.