About Me


This is me with my youngest baby
Welcome to my creative chaos, where I blog mostly about things I sew, along with some accessories, art projects and food. I have a rather eclectic style where I mix some vintage, punk, rock and modern. I refuse to label it. So I just call it me, or Rebel & Malice style. I intend to provide some cool tutorials, at least to me, and eventually patterns. I love what blogging has done for me, even though I am still new to it. I have been introduced to a very loyal group of creative women who just want to fill the world with beauty, love and creativity. I hope to bring that same joy and sense of community here, along with my odd sense of humor and sarcasm. Thanks for being a part of my creative outlet. 
My spawn keep growing-2015


We updated a picture finally!!
This guy. He gets me.
  • Hello, my name is Melissa. Only Melissa. Never Missy, Misty, Mel. Just Melissa
  • Nickname is Malicious (Thanks Dad)
  • I am a wife and mom. 5 kids. 2 boys, 3 girls. In that order.
  • I stay home and try to take care of the house which is why it is a disaster 90 % of the time.
  • LOVE is my religion. I embrace all choices and enjoy my life without a church.
  • Southern California native who wants OUT of this state
  • I am active, in that I love hiking, swimming, camping, biking and walking. I walk a LOT!
  • I do not do well in sports. I suck and I am a poor sport.
  • I am obsessed with music and my taste always changes. It generally stays focused around rock, though the genre obsession at the moment is indie: my throwback to new wave music. Then some psychobilly, punk, metal, etc. I just love rock and dance music!
  • I love dark comedies, horror movies, action movies, really awful B movies, and anything pretty much inappropriate. I always tend to be the person who laughs at the wrong time.
  • I have an unnatural obsession with the supernatural before it was trendy. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, shape shifters, witches, etc. I love it all! I have recently become obsessed with the dystopian world. It is intriguing to see what others foresee for the future of the world.
  • I have a thirst for happiness, knowledge, travel, and music.
  • I always want to experience and try new things, even if I fail
  • I am logical, but can be a dreamer. How?
  • I love my kids, and hope I haven’t screwed them up too much. I am not a helicopter parent but do not let my kids be kids like I was growing up because trusting others scares the bejeezus out of me.
  • I want to find the best in people, but often find things I would rather not.
  • Crunchy. I breastfed all 5 kids, #5 weaned on her 3rd birthday. I babywear (when she allows me)
  • I dream of having a homestead, with an orchard, chickens and goats
  • I do most of my healing holistically. Fun fact: I still have my gall bladder despite being hospitalized for jaundice because of it. I cleansed all my gall stones naturally.
  • I enjoy adult beverages, but I started this crazy mission to support my husband not drinking. Well, we hit the year mark in June and I still haven’t had a drink. I’m waiting for the right occassion!


That was a lot of nonsense. I hope I didn’t lose you in the land of Melissa. I definitely do not fit in any peg.
Thanks for reading my gibberish. One of these days I will learn how to reel it all in.