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Undergarments are an area of my sewing wardrobe that I don’t make enough. So when Thread Faction did her blog tour call for her Women’s Brief pattern, I knew I had to be a part of it.

I had been waiting to use this panty panel from last year. Addams Family panel seemed like the right addition to my wardrobe.

This brief pattern wraps around a bit making it the perfect Patten for coordinating scraps or little details to show off. There are instructions for lingerie elastic, regular elastic or bands. I decided on the bands this time.

bespokebriefstour_1_original-3 bespokebriefstour_1_original-5 bespokebriefstour_1_original-1

Now, I have quite a full bottom. So I like my briefs to either be very cheeky or full coverage. This brief turned out slightly cheeky on me which was totally fine since it was still enough coverage on my belly region.

bespokebriefstour_1_original-2 bespokebriefstour_1_original-4

If you haven’t made underwear before, you definitely need to try them out because they go super fast and you can have a lot of fun with them. Also, I knew I had to use this time to fully embrace my body acceptance. So here you go, on a live body, in all it’s glory, society perfection or not… I am owning this goddess body of mine here.

Here is the link to the pattern: Thread Faction Women’s Briefs

Here is the rest of the blog tour for tons of inspiration.


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