A Crafty Tribute {and tutorial} to Barbie: Happy Birthday Barbie


I am a long time fan of Barbie. And as a feminist raising a family to respect themselves and one another, Barbie has taken a different light for me. She is a renegade woman who can do anything. She loves animals, children and doing the right thing. She might be a little too obsessed with dating and Barbie pink, but hey, we can’t be 100% perfect. So today, I am sharing one of my favorite dresses I make my daughters for their barbies and other similar fashion dolls. But first, I would like for you to check out these other bloggers and what they made to say Happy Birthday to Barbie.

Elli & Nels made this cute outfit and tried it on all the different barbie types. Click the photo below to see her crafty make.

sisterhoodskirt by elli and nels

Ronda B Handmade talked about how to accomodate for the new Barbie shapes complete with a measurement chart. How exciting is that!  The photo is refusing to load so click HERE

Now onto my tutorial:

My girls love when I make these strapless full length dress their Barbies.


Top: 5×6.25 (LxW)

Skirt: 7.5×14 (LxW) Double this for a very full skirt.

Snaps, buttons or velcro

1. Get your iron ready. Once your pieces are cut out, place the top piece length sides together and iron in half. Then iron the width sides in half.

20170308_225921~2 20170308_225940~2


2. Measure 3/4 in from middle point of top and mark for dart on both sides, front and back.



3. Place the short ends right side together and sew with a 1/4 in seam allowance. Do this to both ends and the flip right side out.


20170308_230615~2 20170308_230957~2

4. Seam the skirt to 2 inches below top of skirt with 1/2 in seam allowance.


5. Hem the skirt by using a baby hem or folding over 1/8 in 2 times and sew all the way around.


6. Take the skirt piece where the skirt opening is. Fold the fabric towards the wrong side twice 1/4 inch and seam on both sides.


7. Gather skirt to fit bodice. If you are not concerned about exposed seams, sew both sides of top to skirt. If you want the skirt enclosed, only attach skirt to one side of the top.

20170308_232151~2 20170308_232334~2

8. Place other side of top around skirt so that skirt is enclosed. Hand stitch or sew on machine as close as you can get to borrom of top.


9. Attach your closure to dress by placing one side on the inside (the top piece) and the other closure on the outside of the bottom piece. I chose to hand sew tiny snaps since my girls are bigger. Velcro is a better choice for smaller girls.


10. Fold over the top about 1/2 in. You can tack down or leave it to adjust as you like. Congratulations! Now you have a chic dress for Barbie. Excuse our stand in. We are packing and Barbie is packed away somewhere.

20170308_235203~2 20170308_235219~2

Now, hop over to my instagram and enter the giveaway to win some fat quarters and a paper Barbie pattern to get your Barbie clothing collection started.



Rebel & Malice

elli & nels

Lulu & Celeste

Ronda B. Handmade


Thanks for stopping by and stay rebellious!

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