Desert Breeze Journey: a Pattern Hack

Desert breeze journey

It is warming up quickly in my desert, so I knew that my latest wardrobe pieces needed to be cool enough for me. I swooped up this cacti print from Purple Seamstress fabrics and had to make a Journey Romper from Striped Swallow Designs. Now everything was going fine. Melissa, you are just going straight through, right. Keep is simple. Try to sew a pattern as it is. Until I taped the pattern together and I had this brilliant idea. What if I make a spaghetti strap Journey Romper? Ok, ok… we can do that? Wait, how? Oh your favorite SSD pattern, Desert Breeze. Rightttttt! Lalalala hacking my pattern pieces and trying them on through the process. Wait… what if we make this separates that you can wear with multiple things? Say what? Genius! Melissa, you are an F-ing genius, I mean sort of. If you count this as genius. I do.


So the process went a little like this:

Trace the armscye of the desert breeze front from view C or the slim fit. Grade the wrap side. If you want a full back,you will do the same with the back piece. I wanted a flat back so I matched up with the bottom of the armscye. Also, because I’m extra, I used the curved bottom to show midriff. Now I ended up cutting a size L. I wanted the wrap to fit since it was a separate so I took it in on all 3 pieces. I would have ended up using a S with my mods. And I made it a true wrap style so I can adjust for the bloaty days or whatever. You would have to figure out your binding. I cut for the back and then 2 for the wrap front and those became the straps. If I can get my crap together, I will photo the steps for you.


The bottoms, I turned into shorts in a size XL. Surprisingly those were more relaxed than I expected so I now have culotte style shorts. This involved various pleats, a wide waistband and pockets because we always need pockets. I also had to adjust the front to me for the shortness because my ass swallows everything else. However, end result super yummy comfy double brushed poly shorts that will make me look more put together than I feel.


I loved how they still looked like a romper together, but I can pair with other things. That is called a sewing win. Or wardrobe win. It’s a win, ok?



newproject_1_original-49newproject_1_original-50*DISCLAIMER* I received the pattern free in exchange to promote the patterns. All opinions are my own.

So, what would your take be on this mash-hack-pattern witchcraft? I’m thinking a dress version is next using the Summer Dawn Wrap Dress. Tell me all about your crazy pattern have ideas.

Thanks for stopping by, and as usual, always stay rebellious. Be true. Be you. And just DGAF!