Desert Island Tour: Felicity

Desert Island Sew Felicity

In a world full of variety and choices, it can be kind of scary thinking of what you would use or do with only one choice. I am a typical libra woman: Choices? You want me to choose? Now? Arghhhh Fuhhhhhhhhh! Yes, the end scenario usually involves me frustrated and irritated, especially if I am rushed. Yes, I will weigh all the consequences of that food choice. How on eartj I can be both reckless, yet indecisive is just beyond me.

So on to the challenge: You are stuck on a desert island. You have whatever supplies you can dream up, with one exception. Only ONE pattern! Oh the horrors!

This post nay contain affiliate links which means I can earn a small percentage to keep my fabric diet a little more than beans and rice steady if you click my link. Yeah, I can afford a bit of cheese now!

I have quite a few choices these days, but my current favorite is the BSD Felicity.

Felicity Dress & Top

I love the fit, which means it has quickly become a staple. Tops, dresses. No zippers or buttons. And I can make crop tops, tunics, dresses in multiple lengths, or even modify for a knit dress like the watermelon inspired dress I made. Plus it comes in sizes 6m to 12 yrs. Lotsssss of room for growth. I can now make this pattern in less than an hour and with the elastic, it leaves room for growing. Winning I say!

20160717_164731 20160717_164739 20160717_164536 20160717_164757 20160717_164817 20160717_164556

I decided this one needed to be in knit and with a longer bodice. Yes, I know, silly rebel. It is comfy and perfect for summer.Yet another way I have found to hack it.

You can find this easy, fast pattern here:

Thanks for stopping by and stay rebellious! Don’t forget to check out the rest of this amazing tour
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