Dotted With Hearts: PRP

February Project Run & Play is here and almost over, and here I am at the very last minute again. It’s a gift, I tell you, putting things off while trying to juggle everything. So the new theme is your take on a free pattern or tutorial. And the month’s pattern is from Living With Punks: Mademoiselle Muscle Tee. I love that fresh style of a muscle tee, so I decided not to change too much, but rather add my me elements to it.

Side Story:

I upcycled a tee that has quite a life already. It originally belonged to my son who will be 13 in a few weeks, for his first Warped Tour we attended in San Francisco. Horrorpops is one of my favorite Psychobilly/Rockabilly bands because they have a girl lead singer who plays an upright bass, and the lyrics pretty much kick ass as far as empowering topics. They were actually playing that year at Warped Tour, and my son got to see them with me. I bought this shirt for him as his designated band outfit. This Warped tour was all around amazing because he saw some of my husband and I’s favorite bands, saw Katy Perry when she played the guitar and was just starting to blow up, and the big finale: got to go onstage with Pennywise for most of their set. I can’t find that photo at the moment, but this ginger haired kid has some major good concert vibes as he has played the drums of another band and was serenaded inches away from Alien Ant Farm. We are getting ready to start doing more concerts with him again now that he is an opinionated teenager.

2008 Warped Tour in San Francisco, CA

So on to the shirt, I wanted to keep with the Horrorpops theme and was inspired by my daughter Amelie’s godmother, Corie, who is the one who introduced me to them (and she is the ying to my yang) and my friend Raechel, who is one of those kickass moms you want to be, but you just can’t… and also another Horrorpops fan. The song Dotted with Hearts kept creeping in my head and I decided to do a row of reverse appliqued hearts in the back.

All I can do is dream about you and me in never land
But all it is, is a fantasy although it’s heavenly
It’s a teenage dream,
All wrapped in pink and dotted with hearts

I also used a red and white polka dot shirt for all the details: arm band, neck band, hearts and the added waistband. I paired with her favorite red and black polka dot leggings and we were ready to go. It is a fun, yet youthful rock and roll look. I am so excited as she gets more into music as well, because that is a major part of how our family expresses ourselves. Music is always playing and we get lost in music when we search for it. 

I also have a very special look coming up in a few more days that is related to something in this post so stay tuned. 
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Stay rebellious!