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April is almost over. Where the hell is 2018 going? I’m not sure I enjoy how fast time flies, especially things like vacations and weekends and shenanigans. We need many more of those in our adult lives. So it’s almost May, so perfect timing for a blog tour. And Petite Stitchery has brought it on for you.

I, in true rebel nature, went right for pattern hacks. I love them. I live for them. You should all try them out. I saw the Emerson and knew I wanted that v neck line on my body. Hey everyone in the itty bitty committee, v neck are so flattering on non-existent chests. Throw in cotton Lycra, and you may even have pretend cleavage. At least that is what I got with my magic pushup bra.

So I said, dress, yes dress. We need a dress. I made a straight L because I figured I didn’t really need to grade the hips with the shape. It turned out perfectly bootylicious. Now, my panel from Rikipedia was not long enough to lengthen to a decent length so I straightened the hem after elongating around 4 inches, and then adding a 6 inch ruffle. So unlike me, but it went well with the mermaid theme. I also hacked the flounce piece by adding an inch and then angeling it a bit more so it could be a cute fluttery sleeve. I think it turned out pretty spectacular.

newproject_1_original-55 newproject_1_original-56 newproject_1_original-57 newproject_1_original-58

So a few notes, I think this pattern is super dreamy in drapey knits. Stabler 4 way knits are going to hug your body. Also, if you want it relaxed through the torso, I would size up… but I myself love the snugger fit. Besides, embrace those curves, dat booty, dos tatas. Embrace your curves and enjoy every second of them.

Now for my other make, I immediately knew I wanted to slim the Tansy ruffle pants so I took the Fawn Tuxedo leggings and cut them to where the Capri line was on the Tansy’s. Then I measured how much length was left on the legging, added 1 inch and I cut the ruffles at 22 inches so that they would be double the width of the bottom of the legging. I also kept the legging waist and added the yoga waistband. I absolutely loved the fit of these. We now have more of a bell bottom fit on the pants. Even more fun if you do the tuxedo strip or add ribbon instead.

She needed a sassy top to complement the pants. I was searching searching searching for the right inspiration and finally decided to just have the Sunflower wrap dress as a top. Now I made this in this double brushed poly from LAFinch Fabric and binded the top and Incorporated the ties that way. I love that it’s cropped, adjustable and just right for the upcoming hellacious hot months. Hush your mouth, I live in the desert and we are already getting sunburns. Yes, I know, some of you all still have snow. Hell, our mountains 45 minutes away got snow this past week. But this heat is for the birds. Ok, enough of that nonsense.

Sassy pants tansy pants

So final product were 3 hacked or mashed looks that I am absolutely smitten with. And now I have the cutest dress for my upcoming Bad Mom’s night out. Unless, you know, you aren’t a bad mom. Pstt, I am and I’m totally ok with that.

newproject_1_original-59 newproject_1_original-60 newproject_1_original-62 newproject_1_original-64 newproject_1_original-61 newproject_1_original-63

Thanks for stopping by and as usual, be your rebellious badass selves. Love yourself. Honor yourself. Be your damn self.


You can find the entire tour line up here. Be sure to check out all the talent for more pattern and sewing inspiration.

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