Let the Ravens Fly: PR&P Sewalong


I won’t say I was not disappointed to only make one week of Project Run and Play so I could continue to show how I see things and the way designs go in my mind. But I didn’t get to. However, my second look was done and that was the one I knew what I wanted to do.

Here is some truth. Looking at the other talented designers, I didn’t fit. I do not enjoy making coats or pants or bags just because. We live in the desert. So I won’t use any of those for a few months which is a waste for me. And my girls are girly girls. So right now, our aesthetic is always lots of flowy dresses, pants or shorts. And crop tops. They love their crop tops haha. However, I look forward continuing to sew along in a stress free way for me. Plus I get to watch every week as a spectator again. I’ll have my turn again. Another time.

ravenprp_1_original-1 ravenprp_1_original-2

So on to my inspiration, I have always had 2 very strong spirit animals: tigers and Ravens. Tigers aren’t around here so they appear more in my soul or photos. But Ravens are everywhere near me and they leave me messages all the time. My daughters talk to them too. I am also a fall air sign sun (Libra) so creatures of flight are kind of my kin. I wanted an edgy goth bohemian look and then a more dramatic modern Victorian look.

ravenprp_1_original-9 ravenprp_1_original-8 IMG_0097~2

I used this matte black rayon, black lace, purple lace and some lace trim from my stash for these looks. Then I received this beautiful stretch velvet from Califabrics. 

For my first daughter, I drafted this cropped swing tank in black lace lined in a black jersey. I appliqued purple lace feathers and embroidered some details on them. Then I used the Made for Mermaids Bonny leggings to draft bell bottoms. I added layers of feathers to the bottom of the bells and put back pockets on with appliqued feathers. I loved the fierce, yet delicate strength it gave her.

ravenprp_1_original-13~2 ravenprp_1_original-10 ravenprp_1_original-11

For the second look, I drafted a double maxi length handkerchief skirt with a long sleeve cold shoulder bodice. I added these front and back scallops to create wings. She felt so regal and majestic. It was a fierce, yet gentle look.

ravenprp_1_original-4 ravenprp_1_original-7 ravenprp_1_original-5 ravenprp_1_original-12

Everything but the pants were self drafted and I’m proud of this look. We are working on perfecting the dress because the girls love it. Even my picky 12 year old.


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