My Little Lobo: Dress Up Hoodie


I was so excited this year that my daughter kept up her theme of animals for her Halloween costume. She decided on a wolf and I knew the Dress Up Hoodie from Mouse House Creations would be perfect.

I forgot a tail. I know. Bad mommy! But she was happy anyways. The only change I made was I made the ears wider and taller. So I used the cat & deer ear combined plus about 1.5 taller. I used the width of the cat with more of the deer shape and just made sure they were bigger and taller like a canine ear. I could not find the right grey so guess what I used… A twin size fleece blanket in the perfect charcoaly color. And it is soooo warm. This particular hoodie took me around 2 hours from assembling the pattern to finish. I can get it done in about half that time now that I made it. It is so easy and such a great great fit!

So you want some details?

This comes in sizes 6 months to 12 years.

Layers are available to print only the sizes you need.

Notches and different lines so you can print Black and White

Choices: bat, bird, butterfly, cat, deer, dinosaur, dragon, horse, mouse, owl, rabbit, shark, unicorn and these are just the ones painted clearly for you. If you have an imagination, there are many more possibilities.

The other thing I love is you can just make the hood as a warm, fun pullover hood to stay warm without being an entire hoodie.

It is such a versatile pattern that you can get so much use out of

The full price tag is well worth all the options and sizes you get.

So I hope I gave you a little extra inspo of what you can make. Seriously, this pattern kicks ass!

Purchase pattern HERE from Mouse House Creations

Thanks for stopping by and stay rebellious!

*DISCLAIMER* I received this pattern free for the purpose of inspiration. The opinions stated are true and all my own.


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