M4M Back to School Tour: 7th Grade Chic

7th grade chic rebel malice

Here in Southern California, school is just around the corner. Literally. We have one week left of summer left. All the football teams are in session and I am sitting here looking at everything like why? Where did summer go? I have only gone to the waterpark once. Ok, I’m going to go be sad and drink a rum and coke..  after Mercury retrograde is done.


So, my oldest girl is going into middle school. That means, my creativity is really ending a chapter. Thank goodness I’m semi hip enough to know what she likes. Of course, poor child is facing my samr dilemma I did in school: dress code. UGH! Double UGH!

But we are smack in the middle of triple digits that won’t slow down anytime soon. I needed cool Staples that are simple to mix and match and will keep the almost teen happy. She is all about the higher neck tank tops and simple cuts on bottoms. So I decided to use the bodice of M4M Rowan, no sleeves, bind the arms and enclose the neck. I did raise the arms about 1 inch, but you may want to mash with another tank or Cami pattern to see where to do the height. It was a simple 30 minute make and she adored it.


For the skirt, I used M4M Chloe. I made an above the knee length and hacked this fun pouch pocket. Looks like regular pockets, but goes the full width. I figure it’s good to store female hygiene, phone, pencils, lipstick, whatever.


This combo had the perfect mix of patterns without being loud in shapes that are perfect for a growing young woman. And the beauty is from cut to finish, this was 2 hrs Max.



Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out the whole tour HERE for tons of ideas and stay woke, stay unique, stay kind, stay rebellious.


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