Mommy & Me Into the Blue Swimwear


Swimsuits are probably my favorite thing to sew since getting over sewing with the fabric. They go by fast and they get me excited for water play with my family. I love how we can customize all these shapes and colors to make it unique for us. So when Striped Swallow Designs said they were testing their first swimsuit, I was super excited. It is a vintage spin on a monokini. And it totally looks like something my little sister wore in the 90s.


So immediately, for me, what I loved about it was that it gave the look of a bikini with the comfort of a one piece. There is a full coverage back option, but the front will still expose your stomach. But the waist is pretty high so I think more of us ladies would be comfortable in it. I personally love the exposed back and front. If you want to toy with it being closed in the front, I would suggest a sort of front panel like the Peach Beach from Lil Luxe Collection.


Every single one of my girls love this design from ages 7-12. And my sister and nieces thought it was pretty sweet too. So it’s a great shape for all sorts of shapes, sizes and ages. I do think the coverage might be just a tad uncomfortable on the bigger booties. I like to be a little cheeky though. Blame it on my super extra Latina. She just can’t help it. Embrace the curves or forget about them.

This was made for me in a size M top graded to XXL bottom. My little one is a size 6/7

melissamaliceintotheblue_1_original-5 melissamaliceintotheblue_1_original-4 melissamaliceintotheblue_1_original-3 melissamaliceintotheblue_1_original melissamaliceintotheblue_1_original-2 melissamaliceintothebluegirls_1_original-5 melissamaliceintothebluegirls_1_original-4 melissamaliceintothebluegirls_1_original-3 melissamaliceintothebluegirls_1_original melissamaliceintotheblue_1_original-8 melissamaliceintotheblue_1_original-7

If you don’t want to miss out on this pattern, they are available individually or in a bundle. Unless you don’t have a little, I recommend the bundle 😉








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