Neon Lights Fireside Hoodie Hack


I always love sewing with Striped Swallow Designs patterns. Her aesthetic is definitely one I love for both myself and my girls.

We are still in the midst of Sumner here which means we won’t be nearing comfortable weather until Late October. But I want a jumpstart on their cooler weather items before we go into crazy winds and low 30s. I know, not Canadian winter, but still obnoxious haha. So I wanted a lightweight dress when the weather is chilly in the AM. I lengthened it 6 inches from the middle using the curved hem of view B. This created the perfect length for her to have comfort with the fun detail of the grommets and lace ties.



When I saw the pattern, I felt like it needed a hoodie element so I drafted a hoodie to fit it. Perfect to block the wind when it’s chilly without being too hot.

firesidehoodie_1_original-2 firesidehoodie_1_original-5

I loved the light weight combo of this jersey knit with this pattern .just enough coverage without suffocating you.


You can find the pattern HERE

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