One Thimble Issue 9: It’s a Circus Out There

I had to retake my photos because I finished last night, and they were terrible… but have to come back to type the rest of the words because I have to make up parent teacher conferences today for 4 of 5 kids. Yay parenting!

Ok, done with those responsibilities for an hour. You know, then I have to feed the gremlins.

So there are a few hours left to enter the giveaway for the newest issue of OneThimble. Good luck! Meanwhile, you can purchase Issue 9 HERE (or any of the other issues you may have missed out on.)
There are 14 pdf patterns, as well as articles and tutorials. You get all of this for the price of $25 which is definitely worth the money and a great way to discover pattern designers you don’t use.

I made 2, well really 3 patterns, for this tour. I made the Circus Toss Game, the Circus Sit Upon, as well as the FMA Trapeze Eloise.  Yeah, I probably signed up for the most labor intensive patterns. Thinking they were not. But the end result (and brief moment of silence) was worth it even if my kids lost my foot for my sewing machine so I was making these a bit off-kilter.

Let’s start with the Sit upon and FMA. The mats have lots of options: simple, spocket or starbust patterns. With or without star applique. Bias binding. Option of adding vinyl to bottom to keep mat dry.

I made a plain version with a star applique and a sprocket version and added the Eloise to that because it complimented the colors perfectly (and my sprocket did not align properly. I am no quilter. ) All the fabric for the mats were from Bee Quilted Beauties. Tula Pink Elizabeth and Michael Miller Color Me fabric. The mats themselves go together fast. Aligning the sprocket perfect. Not so easy. I will get better with practice. And the bias binding is nice, but time consuming if you attach the proper way. And you should definitely use double fold, unlike me. Why must I do things so difficult.

Ok, let’s talk about FMA aka Free Motion Applique. Eloise is a saucy gorgeous trapeze artist. How can you not want to put her on everything? I used some fuschia velour for her skin, white crepe satin for her face and tale, and various metallics for her clothes, star and trapeze bar. She is my very first FMA creation and she is far from perfect… BUT I love her. She is mine and she will be my Eloise. And my fox loving girl? Giddy with effing delight. She loves her so much and thinks she is the most beautifous fox girl ever. But FMA to this degree. not for the weary, or lazy. I spent about 5 hours between cutting, details, and placing everything correctly and adding more details and attaching. I am sure I can cut it down with a better machine, right foot, and knowing how… but for the first one. That is how she blows. Still, isn’t she purdy?

The next one was the Circus Toss Game. I don’t know why I thought it would be easy… but it was not easy. Number 1 issue? It is a pretty big size and that was hard to maneuver on my little tiny sewing machine on my tiny counter top. Not the fault of the pattern, just my space issues. And since you don’t have a template, my face is a bit sad. The eyes are too far. The head was placed too high. But it was fun and can be super fast if you hot glue gun that bad boy (like if you have a PTA carnival, church carnival, birthday party?) I used this ABC fabric, some micro suede fabric for the lion’s mane, and felt for the details. I also made the bean bags out of the same fabric. This took less time, about 2- 2 1/2 hours from start to finish. Hot glue is your friend.

Be sure to check out the other bloggers and what they have made.

 Thanks for stopping by.
Stay rebellious!