Painting the Roses Red

It is the end of another month of Project Run and Play and the pattern is the Summer Chevron Shirt from The Crafty Cupboard. when I saw it, I knew I wanted to keep it as a shirt and I wanted to take advantage of one of my large scale prints I had.

This has been a rough week for my family, especially this little one, because their grandpa passed away. So when she asked for a little makeup for the pictures, how could I say no. My little Goldie was his favorite. I know, they aren’t supposed to have favorites, but that is just the way the ball rolls sometimes. So My little Goldie truly glowed in her red rose shirt, and I like to think this was her telling her Papa she will be ok.

Since I had this red rose print, I wanted to go with a vintage feel so I left off the flutter sleeves, added a gathered sweetheart neckline and made the back a simple v neck so that my daughter could just slip it on and off. It is going to be the perfect shirt for the summer, and her favorite color!

Thanks for stopping by! I will be doing lots of sewing to help with the stress of a death in the family. That is a healthy coping mechanism, right?

Stay rebellious!