Pollock Inspired Wanderer Tunic

Pollock wanderer tunic rebel malice

Hello everyone! I have gone on a bit of a vacation to a not so nice place called adulting. Probably the worst destination imaginable, but you don’t turn down a free vacation, now do you? I’ve got quite a bit to say about that, but you can hop on over to my Instagram for more info about that.

Today though, today I get to share a top made just for me because I wanted to and made in glorious fabric I picked out just for me. Now this fabric is an amazing purple toned chiffon. I got it because it reminded my artsy ass of Pollock. The reigning king of abstract splatter art. Sure fun to make, but so much more than that! Even this fabric screamed emotion, sex, lust, raw pain to me. So of course I had to use it for me. I paired it with a black stretch lace and the softness of the pattern: *Wanderer Tunic from Striped Swallow Designs really toned down this blouse. The sexy, sheers almost feel more demure than racy until the sun hits the shadows. I just love how these 2 fabrics worked together to make a classy, yet sexy new addition to my wardrobe.


This tunic has a beautiful front and back yoke for a world of pairings. Sheers, lace overlays, color blocking, print mixing. You can go as crazy as you want.

You can make plain sleeves like me, which I opted to hem and leave the  elastic off for a fuller bell style, or use lace cutouts like a trip back a few decades. You can even find how to do sleeveless on the SSD blog.

Also, check out the blog for the dress hack. I loved making that dress for my girls and am looking for the right fabric for me.

This comes in sizes XS-XXL and the front yoke is one of the most flattering cuts I have seen in this flowy style.

You can find the pattern for Women & Girls *HERE at Striped Swallow Designs.

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