Project Run & Play: Willy Wonka Week


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I am so stoked to be here. Seriously, I cannot believe I am a part of Project Run and Play! It’s such an exciting moment for me. So when I saw Willy Wonka, I was instantly inspired. I had no idea what would pull me. I just knew I was inspired. Squirrel brain always overpowers me. The costumes. The story elements. The candy. I had no clue where I wanted to go. I just knew I had to do it! Willy Wonka is one of our favorites! I just had so much to go with, and I couldn’t figure it out. The biggest thing I remember Magic. The whole world of Willy Wonka, is imagination and really finding the magic in the tiniest details. That is one of my favorite things about costuming. All those details!


I was inspired by little details and by the candy in the end. One look is inspired by Willy Wonka and the golden ticket. To create this look, I created these gold satin culottes with a self drafted pattern. It has a paper bag waist inspired by tickets. I knew I wanted metallic so I decided to go with this deep gold satin from Cali Fabrics. It wasn’t my favorite thing to work with, but oh how rich it felt. My daughter loves gold and was in love with these.



Then I created a pin tucked velvet dolman. This was also self drafted. I wanted the top to remind me of a chocolate bar, so the grid pattern with the crushed panne velvet created this very rich look. Simple, wearable but unique

prpwillywonka_1_original-10 prpwillywonka_1_original-9~2

The final piece to this look was a blazer. I have had this batik in my stash for a while. I love that it had all the colors I used and created this sort of rich technicolor jacket. I used the Cali Faye Trophy Jacket as my base. Then made it reversible with an olive canvas, added a lapel and flounce bell sleeves. I loved the funky psychedelic look I created here. Just enough whimsy to really embrace Mr. Wonka.

prpwillywonka_1_original-7 prpwillywonka_1_original-6

For the second look,I looked to the candies. I was so inspired by the Fun Dip. I knew I had to use that for my inspo. I loved the clean slate of white and kept envisioning dye and glitter. But in the end, I created with lace and chiffon.


So I started with all white. White chiffon from Cali Fabrics for the top. White stable knit for the bottom. The top was the Lil Luxe Calabria for the base even though it was a knit Pattern. Then I created enough width in the sleeve and bodice to create this crop top of my dreams. Puffy bishop style sleeves. Bell sleeve cuffs with little lace bows. Crop top with paper bag waist detail. Layered with lace for the dip dynamic plus it was just what I needed to show the “dip.” I loved this fresh, yet very familiar look it created. Ok, it took me back to my high school days.

prpwillywonka_1_original-14 prpwillywonka_1_original-12 prpwillywonka_1_original-15~2

Now for the pants, I started with the Jennuine Design Dressage leggings. I had this Cascade detail in my mind, but I had to figure it out quite a bit. Lining it with the gold created this rich detail and tied it all in together. I definitely see more of these pants in their wardrobe. But maybe switch the flounce to the other side next time.

prpwillywonka_1_original-11 prpwillywonka_1_original-13 prpwillywonka_1_original-16

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prpwillywonka_1_original-2 prpwillywonka_1_original-3 prpweek1flat_1_original

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