PRP Denim: Burning Red

I was a little sad when I saw the denim theme for Project Run and Play because I am not a huge denim fan outside of jackets, skirts and pants. I didn’t want to do any of those except a jacket. But I also didn’t want to do blue jeans. I am over it. And it gets a bit homely looking if not done right. I was really going for a full outfit, so I needed to come up with a way to make it less country and fitting for my little girl. 
Any guesses by her favorite color and hair accessory (inspired from a certain music video), who her favorite singer is? You guessed it, the pop princess version of Gwen Stefani, I mean she is the reigning queen of heartbreak and break up songs, right? Ok ok, it is Taylor Swift. 

I started by scavenging my jean pile to see what I could work with. I grabbed a plus size women’s pair, a men’s pair and a men’s pair of shorts. I bleached them a total of 3 times. 
Once I had my jeans light enough to work with, I cut out the pattern pieces. I wanted to make the dress extra special so I did designs with glue. Since I dyed the dress twice though, we will call that a fail. It is real faint and some disappeared all together. 
It kind of looks like a massacre, and I may have told my 10 year old son that red dye comes from diluted pigs blood. 
For her dress, I used Simplicity 1433. All the materials were from the pair of jeans, with the exception of the zipper, lace and binding I used around the neck. That was a leopard fleece for some extra comfort since the dress is a stiff denim. The collar was the pocket lining. I think it is pretty awesome! And I love how the colors are all perfect since it was all dyed together. 

I knew I wanted to make a jacket, and after Shwin and Shwin posted this free jacket pattern, I found the perfect base to work off of. I originally wanted to add buttons and do the peplum, but I didn’t have enough denim left over from the pants. I didn’t put a closure because I didn’t have the right buttons or zipper to embellish it. Since I didn’t do the peplum, I added a lace bias around the bottom. Then, after making the jacket, I dip dyed it in the red for an ombre effect. Which came out just how I envisioned, thank goodness for that. I still have no idea if a metal zipper of some fun buttons would be better for a closure. What do you think?

Dress: Simplicity 1433
Jacket: Lizzy Peplum Jacket
Headband: Made by Me
Shoes: thrifted

Well the sick, almost 5 (TOMORROW) model is not feeling great and has been home all week, so I must say goodbye and get her to sleep so I can finish up more presents. Thanks for visiting, and thank you PR&P for all the inspiration.

Stay rebellious out there!

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