Self Love Sewing Challenge: Bare Essentials


Yikes! I am back and bare in more underwear. I have started slowly diving into making all my clothing. That means dipping my toes in the underwear and bralettes until I feel confident enough to make foam cup bras so my boobs aren’t smooshed in more fitted clothes. Because let’s face it, there isn’t much there and I can embrace the small breasts, I would like them to look more breast like.

I have every style of the underwear cut out, but motherhood called and only 2 got down. I decided to make the underwear as in the pattern. And they fit great. I made some nude lace high waist hipsters aka sexy granny panties. That is probably the only way I will wear them, or a solid pair intentionally under sheer skirts. Because they are too covered for my style. I graded them so XL in hips/booty to M in waist and can I just tell you: PERFECTION! Seriously, they fit great. No tugging. No sagging. Just right. I do need to invest in some matching laces to go with my stretch lace though. White elastic sewn in isn’t so chic.

I hacked the bralette to be a more triangle bralette innthe same nude lace. For this, I need pictures, but I lengthened the straps, folded the cup pieces to form a triangle and left off the back piece. It is so comfortable and the whole set feels very minimal sexy. I would totally wear this with some light summer dresses.

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Next, I tried the bikini brief which took me back. Way back to when I was able to wear french cuts because my body was not so lumpy and shapely. But the coverage and comfort is A+. No booty peeky, or wedgies. But the bikini either needs to be looser or hit me somewhere else because it really emphasizes the love handles.

Then I made the Lucky bralette, and took about 1 inch off the long line to hit me in a more flattering spot. I didn’t twist, added a little “bow” by wrapping the keyhole and added some fun straps to the back. Oh and this is double brushed poly from LAFinch Fabrics. And it feels divine. The hubby will definitely be petting the undergarments. A lot! Haha.

Fotor_148709155739337 Fotor_148709159206921 Fotor_148709168230666

Patterns used: Rad Patterns Lucky Underwear

Rad Patterns Lucky Lingerie

Fabric Used: LAFinch Fabrics Anabella Green DBP

I am still making the thong and cheeky which are more my styles so I will keep you posted. Overall consensus is that these patterns both fit beautifully and are a staple in my handmade wardrobe.

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