Self Love Sewing Challenge: Show Me the Shoulders

Show me the shoulders

As you are sewing for yourself during this self love sewing challenge, it is vital to your self love that you love the skin you are in now. Yes, we can all get better and healthier, but to get there we have to treat ourselves with love and care. That means you have to love the skin, the body, the you that you are now. We don’t change over night. Be gentle, we are all queens and have to be the queen before anyone else makes us one.

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Now, I have always had huge body esteem issues. When I was young and thin, after I lost all my baby weight, postpartum, years after I had all my kids. I never escaped that nagging in the back of my head. Don’t be fooled, some days I still look at myself in disgust. But now I have become much more gentle to my body and soul and remind myself of all the amazing things this body has done. I feel better about my body when I adorn it in fabrics, prints, colors, styles I love. I embrace my body parts and try not to focus on the problem areas I consider a problem or more flawed.

Something that always makes me happy is exposed shoulders. Everyone has them. They always look amazing. They are one of the more subtle sexy body parts. So I used my beloved Ohlariki Frankenstein fabric to make a crop top and pencil skirt. I used my new favorite pattern from Made for Mermaids, Mama Cassie to make the crop top and the Pirate Pencil skirt from Patterns for Pirates. I love this look and definitely need some more in my life.

20170206_161117~2 20170206_161050~2 20170206_161104~2

My other make was this modified Mama Daphne to make my favorite type of crop tops. I added more volume to the sleeves, and gathered the front for a sweetheart neck, then added a casing to the waist. Voila! Perfect breezy crop top and I finally got to use my TWD fabric I found in a bargain section. $1 dollar shirt right there!

20170206_162955~3 20170206_163114~2 20170206_163137~2 20170206_162943~2

These outfits aren’t always appropriate for everything and kind of limited in what I wear it with, but when I do wear them, the confidence suddenly comes to the surface and I instantly feel like a superstar. Wearing things that make you feel good, look good, and act more confidently. That is never a bad thing.

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