Self Love Sewing Challenge: A Stripe of Confidence

#selflovesewingchallenge a stripe of confidence

As I am growing more fond of my body I have now (not to be confused with those moments where I am unkind to it in the middle of evolving) I am starting to appreciate some of the things I have been hard on. My 3 biggest complaints: my small saggy breasts, my soft stomach, and my large inner thighs. There is more, but those are the ones that always find their way into my negative thoughts. See, even though I breastfeed 5 kids for over 10 years total, my breasts have always been a source of how much less woman I am. Crazy, obviously. And that was a complex from elementary school. I always talked about implants, small natural ones. Then the longer time went on, the more I thought about if this was something I needed for myself or to make myself suitable for society. The rebel? A fit in to society? Oh hell no! Some days I still look and say, wow they are small and odd, but here lately I have been thinking they are cute and not nearly as bad as I thought. I don’t need the padded bras as much. I am not trying to conceal. I love and accept what is beautiful about them now. Because a vanity surgery to put something foreign in my body just doesn’t seem like it is the right choice to make for my body.

Which brings me to today’s post & how body acceptance helps with body confidence. If I didn’t keep learning to love it, then how will I learn to be confident? So I made one of my favorite trends right now: underwear as everydaywear. Bralettes are my favorite. They also make my smaller breasts feel adorned beautifully. Pair those with matching leggings and I have the loud, obnoxious, youthful pieces of clothing I live for.

I made the Rad patterns Lucky Lingerie longline bra to match my modified peg legs. That pattern is full of so many options and just wow! I love the fit and the details and it is totally acceptable for me to wear as a top, which I will be. A lot! And with these coordinating pieces, it really gave me this sense of empowerment. I felt strong and confident. I loved how my body looked. I knew I wanted to show more love to myself. So I guess the Lucky Lingerie is lucky because it boosted my confidence and love for myself.

20170211_130734~2 20170211_130811~2 20170211_130832~2 20170211_130850~2 20170211_130902~2 20170211_130823~2 20170211_130913~2

You can also see my failed attempt at cut out strip heart knees. Maybe I will get it right next time.

Patterns: Rad patterns Lucky Lingerie

Patterns for Pirates Peg legs (free w/code in group)

Rad patterns

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