Sew Americana: Rebel Style


I know you guys hear me say this, bit I’m pretty unpatriotic. Part of it is being proud of land, politics and flags just seems flat out silly to me. But I love history and I love that I live in California where it is a HUGE melting pot. The country is, but I’ve been graced with learning from so many different cultures including my own, which to me is always the most beautiful thing about this land: being unique.being different. No one size fits all.

At the end of the day, I celebrate that this country started in the season of Cancer. In astrology, that means this birthday lands in a water sign centered around the premise of family, nuture and the moon. That means this lands birth as this country was meant to care for people. Big responsibility there. But Cancers are also badasses. If you are a Cancer sun, you know this already.

I love fireworks. I love knowing there is one day a year I’m bound to see way too many people in one place mostly behaving and mostly not being too obnoxious. My dad was born July 3rd, so even though they didn’t celebrate holidays, we always went to Big Bear to watch the fireworks and spend the day at the lake. To me, this day was centered around nature, family, water and food. So still those cancer qualities.

Basically, now I spend the 4th reminding my family to take care of one another, take care of others, and always respect the land, all land.

So on to the fun stuff, my little child is 8 years old and still in an 18m waist in clothing. She never gets anything tested because her measurements are just too difficult. I knew I had to make her outfit. I bought her silly heart shaped glasses that were American flag themed which she adored. I drafted this halter top for my other daughter for her birthday but added a little more length and a back panel with a tie neck. Then I made my favorite shorts, Clover shorts from Mouse House Creations to get a classic look with pleats and cuffs. This look is timeless and perfect for summer. I knew it was perfect for 4th of July, but also lots of use through the remainder of the year because we will be in shorts here until October, maybe even November. Gotta love the Desert!

sewamericanarebelmalice_1_original-1 sewamericanarebelmalice_1_original-4 sewamericanarebelmalice_1_original-3 sewamericanarebelmalice_1_original-2 sewamericanarebelmalice_1_original-5


Be sure to check out the entire tour and thank you so much to our host and sponsors .

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We have to thank Katy & Katy for making this whole tour happen. Katy of Wild + Wanderful who makes this tour happen every year and Katy of Sly Fox Fabrics for sponsoring each of us these amazing fabrics.

Patterns used: Clover Shorts from Mouse House Creations

Halter top (self drafted)


Fabric used: Red White stripes from Sly Fox Fabrics  

Stretch Denim from Sly Fox Fabrics


Thanks for stopping by and stay rebellious.


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