Signature Look: Romantic Rocker

Now it’s time to say goodbye to another season of Project Run & Play and that means it is Signature look week. My look is ever evolving. I chalk this up to being into fashion and design. I have a few staples, but tend to evolve all around that. So for me, I love vintage looks ranging anywhere from the Victorian era to the 60s. I favor the 30s- early 60s the most. The other side of me love edgy, rock and roll, punk and metal looks. So I mix the both together. I suppose that means I am ladylike, yet edgy. This flows over into the style I make for my kids, but they are all making their own styles and personality. 

I had this shirt with a vintage Janis Joplin poster on it. I really love that nitty gritty soulful rock. It was what my whole look was centered around. the soft colors of the poster were what really inspired the romantic side of it. I had this gorgeous rose mauve georgette fabric. Since it is a sheer and flowy fabric, I saw ruffles. Not too much. Just enough to soften and add dimension. I cut the shirt up, added raglan sleeves with the georgette, then added a slight hi-low ruffle around the bottom, and created a little ruffled bustle in the back. 
Next, I needed some bottoms to go with the shirt. I have been wanting to make some color blocked leggings or skinny pants. I will put together a tutorial on how you can make your own. I need to tweak it a bit since they are still a bit baggy, but the overall look that I wanted to achieve came together. I used an olive green denim to compliment the tones of the shirt with a black knit for the side panels and waistband. I have to say, I love the overall look created, 
Now I have a teeny little romantic rocker, kind of like bohemian, but a bit edgier 😉

Stay Rebellious