Time for School Capsule: Guest Post From Ruse Design

Today I am introducing the first blogger and capsule from Micalah at Ruse Design & Mercantile … and it is amazing! Not only did she sign up to blog this escapade, but she managed to crank out both a boy and girl capsule!!!So without further ado, be sure to give her the most welcoming rebellious welcome ever!

Violette Field Threads Clara, Jennuine Designs Dressage leggings, Shwin Designs Johnny B Good button up, Figgy’s Banyan tee modified to v-neck

Hi, I’m Micalah, and I typically “blog” over at Ruse Design & Mercantile. I say “blog,” because I rarely do more than a photo-dump of my latest projects or inspiration. However, I used to be a little more exciting of a blogger, and created a little blog called Project Run&Play, which I have since turned over to some fabulous ladies who have made it even more awesome! I still have a passion for creating on-trend, comfortable clothing for my children and joined several Facebook sewing groups at the beginning of the summer in hopes of finding a “support group.” I found myself stalking Ms. Malice herself because I was constantly liking her posts, and could identify with her style tastes. When she posted that she was looking for bloggers to participate in creating kids fall capsule wardrobes, I jumped at the opportunity, and she was nice enough to let me join in, even though I’m not a real blogger. 🙂

Goofy + Gorgeous. Brindille+Twig free hoodie pattern, Filles a Maman Agathe and Theo sweats, Heidi and Finn free slouchy beanie pattern, Go To Patterns Study Hall jacket (reversible!), and Filles a Maman Rose skirt
I found a new favorite pattern designer during this project. I am dying over these Filles a Maman Agatha and Theo sweats and Rose skirt! The sweats are a great buy, as they work for girls or boys (obviously!) and it contains sizes 12 months to 14 years! I’m debating trying to make myself a pair using the largest size. Both kids loved their sweats and wanted to wear them immediately after photos.
The Rose skirt has the same construction principles of the sweats, but is perfect for a tomboy who might *occasionally* want to wear a skirt. It is perfect now as a late summer piece, but will be really cute over tights with boots in a few months. 


Nothing like attempting some jumping photos to loosen up your “models”….

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom’s free raglan sweatshirt tunic, Jennuine Designs Dressage Leggings

And having your clothes all but fall off the first skinny minnie…
Figgy’s Banyan Tee, Filles a Maman Agatha and Theo sweats

And your other child still continuing to throw some major cheese your way.

I chose to stick to a mostly neutral color scheme- black, charcoal, white, olive, marsala (yay Pantone!), and citron for a fun accent color. As I said above, I love modern on-trend clothing in comfortable fabrics for kids. If I would wear it in my size, and they think it’s “comfy,” it’s a win!

Piggy’s Banyan tee, Filles a Maman Agatha and Theo sweats 
Go To Patterns Study Hall jacket (the other side!) and Filles a Maman Agatha and Theo sweats 

The jackets for both kiddo’s were definitely the most labor intensive items. As you can tell, I love knits for kids (and myself, who am I kidding?!) and I do like relatively clean and simple pattern designs. I wanted classic jacket pattern silhouettes impeccably constructed (ha!). The Study Hall jacket from Go To Patterns isn’t necessarily the most difficult of jacket patterns, but I was determined to make it reversible, which was a little confusing to say the least. But it was worth it! I absolutely love it. I chose to skip the zipper, and while I may add buttons or snaps eventually, I know she won’t ever button it up and I like the simplicity. It’s also gender neutral, so if it stays in good condition, next year little brother can snag it. Speaking of…

Heidi and Finn free slouchy beanie, Figgy’s Banyan Tee, Go To Patterns Tree Climber trousers 

I love the Tree Climber trousers for an updated spin on a basic. I made the pattern as is in some recycled gray chinos, and a modified khaki pair. Both can be dressed up or down, and look pretty stinkin’ cool. 
Heidi and Finn free slouchy beanie, Jeannine Designs Moto jacket, Figgy’s Banyan tee, and Go To Patterns Tree Climber Trousers

Of course, moto-inspired trousers need a matching jacket. Whew, this one was tough. Not because of the pattern- I tested it for Jenn in a twill and it was amazing. But leather… I specifically bought leather needles for my machine and went through three of them.

But again, worth it. He loves Star Wars lining and says “I feel cool, even though it’s really hot.” No joke, he has been wearing this over muscle tanks and shorts since I made it a month ago. 

I upcycled the sweater knit sleeves, and was a little unsure of the mismatched print and how graphic it was but it turned out perfectly. 
Striped Swallow Designs Wildflower cardigan, Figgy’s Banyan tee

 This outfit is by far the most summery of the items. I do think the cardigan especially will transition well into fall, but the bottom line was, she needed another pair of shorts for the first two months of school when it’s still ridiculously hot! I think the shorts could also work with the sweatshirt as it cools down but ultimately, they won’t be in rotation as long. I have a couple of RTW pairs of jeans and overalls that will take their place when the time comes.

Striped Swallow Designs Wildflower cardigan and Coachella shorts, Figgy’s Banyan tee

Shawn Designs Jane dress

 Finally, I really wanted one simple tunic length shift dress to round out the wardrobe. Dresses are harder to layer and mix and match so even though I love detailed and fancy dress patterns, I knew I needed to limit myself. I think it looks adorable as is, but will be cute with a jacket or kimono, tights, and boots, when it gets cooler. She is pretty particular about seams around her chest, so this tends to be the best style of dress for her. To keep it from being too basic, I added these adorable wooden buttons from Bethany Lane. I used a third one as the closure on the back.

Aren’t they amazing? I’m thinking of using some as a removable “corsage” for the study hall jacket as well. These were pretty mid-sized- there are a variety of sizes available including some JUMBO buttons, all in varying gorgeous wood tones. Definitely adds a special fall touch to a simple dress.

So, to sum it all up, for my son’s mini capsule I created eleven items using these patterns:

My daughter’s capsule contains thirteen items including:
During my planning process, I was able to remix these items into nearly 40 outfits each. I didn’t photograph each outfit because A:) it was 90 degrees outside and my models are high maintenance and B:) I’m not sure Melissa would appreciate my takeover. Hopefully you are able to see the potential though! I am so pleased with the outcome of this project and I love that my kids are happy as well! Thanks Melissa for inviting (and challenging) me to join you and thank you to the amazing sponsors who have contributed amazing patterns, materials, and prizes!

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Don’t forget to enter the giveaways HERE. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stay tuned tomorrow